Gardening and growing things have been a natural part of our lives since we were small children, as our heritage roots are with subsistence farmers who were immigrants to this country in the early 1900’s. We became interested in growing food for others in the late 90’s, and first farmed for market in the growing season of 2001. Inspired by the works of Wendel Berry, Eliot Coleman, Steve Solomon and Masanobu Fukuoka, we sought out ways to provide quality produce to those around us. As our farming practice grew, we were fortunate to acquaint ourselves and be educated by some incredible farmers who are some of the founders of the organic movement here in western Washington State. After farming itinerantly for several years we were able to purchase land in Birdsview, Washington where the farm was established in 2004. For a decade the farm operated under a different name, vending at weekly markets, and providing a CSA program. Currently in a transitional phase, the farm is offering wholesale produce, and direct sales.


In 2004 our interest in saw-milling and making our own building materials began soon after we purchased our land. We started out with an Alaskan style chainsaw mill, experimented with splitting cedar planks and rails, and building with round poles. In 2006 our head sawyer began a year’s apprenticeship with the inimitable Jack Knight, of Jack’s Custom Sawing. He ran Jack’s Mobile Dimension circular sawmill for over a year and learned many tricks-of-the-trade. A Logosol brand chainsaw mill was added to the farm in 2008 and a lot of lumber was cut with it, but the chainsaw mill setup was found to be inferior in many ways. In 2012, the farm purchased a customized Brand X circular sawmill and this is the saw in use at this time. It is a stationary swing type circular saw, that can also be set up with a retro-fitted Lucas brand slabbing attachment. The mill can cut logs in excess of 48” diameter, any size dimensional lumber and beams up to 36’ in length. The slabber can cut slabs up to 60” wide, any thickness, and up to 36’. Your logs or ours, we can provide the custom cut wood you need for any project.