Poor Valley is real, and it can be found in Virginia’s Southwest Appalachian hills. Here in Birdsview Washington, we are not geographically connected to that place—instead Poor Valley is more of a concept—a state of mind. Poor Valley conjures a time and place in pre-industrialized North America, when people formed a bond with the land they lived and worked on—a place where folks worked with the land, not against it, and the land provided everything needed for a comfortable, sustainable life. Rich soil provided plenty of food and the woodlands supplied the materials for building sturdy long-lasting homes. This was a time in our American history when wealth wasn’t necessarily measured by finances, but by hard work and what was brought-to with one’s own hands and due diligence.

Now in these modern times, we at Poor Valley Farm and Sawmill try to strike a balance between the old and the contemporary. Creating a lifestyle and sustainable business model that remains close to the land which provides well made, handcrafted products that are superior to mass-produced industrial food and lumber.