Poor Valley Soundsystem is a loose collective of DJ’s including such luminaries as the Sanctimonious Kid, High Plains Drifter, Son Reech, and Mr. Proper.  Initially inspired by the Soundsystem culture of Jamaica, and reggae music specifically, the sound soon grew to include most genres of music. The soundsystems main DJ, the Sanctimonius Kid, was host of the popular two-hour weekly radio show, Slack the Haulback, on Skagit Valley’s 90.1 KSVU for about a year. He likes to boast that during that time, he never played the same song twice. By crossing genres, linking themes, and reading the audience, the Soundsystem creates an experience that cannot be produced by any playlist, digital product, or live band. Poor Valley Soundsystem offers a hand picked, original soundtrack to any event, something people will talk about for years to come!